The Process

Step 1

Every one of our design build projects begins with an idea and piece of land. Our pre-engineered steel building design process really begins once the site has been chosen and then our team of design professionals can begin designing a building that will best suit the piece of land that we are building up from. At this time our team will begin working on some conceptual drawings based on building size and budget dollars. At this stage we will often have our customers enter into a design contract with Con-Tech as we work together to establish the needs vs wants of what is to be included in the full set of architectural drawings to be produced by our office in this process.  Our customers have come to us with a problem they need to solve and we will work closely with them ensure that our proposed solution will meet that goal.

Step 2

Once the needs, wants and budget have been established our team will work with the Owner to design their project piece by piece and room by room. This collaborative effort between the Owner and Con-Tech will assure that the Owner will receive the product they want while Con-Tech can ensure that each aspect of the project can be planned and built with efficiency and value at the heart of every decision. We take great pride in being very conscious of the “buildability” of every aspect of the project making sure that each phase of the project is planned with best value to the customer in mind.


Once the design has progressed to a level where a construction contract is signed the building permits can be obtained and the Varco Pruden building ordered doesn’t mean that the design phase is complete. As Con-Tech gets started on doing the site work, pouring the grade beam foundation and standing the steel structure, the Owner remains an integral part of the entire building process. Design and construction come together in a manner where all parties are able to ensure that a high quality product is delivered on time and on budget to the Owner.