Our Team is redefining the Saskatchewan Landscape

Con-Tech has been proudly providing structures and building solutions to Saskatchewan's growing economy since 1994.

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Our #1 Priority

We take safety seriously

Con-Tech General Contractors Ltd. is committed to a strong safety program that will serve to protect our employees, subcontractors, property and the public from accidents. Management is fully committed to full buy-in to the safety program by all employees and ensures that all personnel receive proper equipment, training and procedures.

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Our experience is unmatched

We are experienced in constructing projects in all areas of Saskatchewan and have been very successful in delivering projects to rural areas. Over the last decade, we have also completed numerous projects in Alberta and Manitoba. We look forward to providing you our full range of services for your design/build project or provide you with competitive pricing to construct your design/bid/build project.

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Our Values

We have a team approach

Con-Tech promotes a team approach where the entire Con-Tech team works together to complete quality projects on time and on budget. A significant portion of our business is driven by relationships. A quality, trusting, relationship with a happy customer, subtrade, supplier or consultant is one of the cornerstones of measuring a project’s success.

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Our Team

Our Team takes things to the next level.

Our Values

Integrity / Honesty

These are central and defining elements of Con-Tech and will dictate how we conduct ourselves in all areas

Commitment to Excellence

Delivery of a consistent, quality product, without compromise, that meets or exceeds customer expectations

Individual Well-Being

Recognizing and developing employee potential while supporting personal wellness decisions

We Care

Family Matters

Commitment to family and their well being, Acting with generosity in support of employees and their families

Team Development

Establish and maintain a healthy work environment in which all employee relations matter, decisions and actions based on respect for others positions, strengths, weaknesses and personal well being

Long Team Partnerships

Fostering partnerships through fairness and open communication with employees, customers, subcontractors, suppliers, design professionals, communities and selected charities.

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