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How We Can Help

Design + Build

We have experienced personnel that can take your rough sketches or vision of a project to a completed turnkey facility. Design + build allows an owner to have extensive input into the design and budget considerations that go into each aspect of the project. Our in-house design staff will collaborate and direct a team of external consultants to design your facility by incorporating your technical and aesthetic requirements for your project. As a united design team we will work with the customer to seek out cost saving suggestions or alternatives to ensure that the best value product is constructed. This approach has allowed us to be very successful at completing these projects on time and on budget.


Construction Management

Our team brings together years of experience in job costing, design, project management, scheduling and product procurement. We have, and maintain, excellent working relationships with sub-trades, suppliers and consultants in all parts of Saskatchewan. We believe this allows us to source out and obtain competitive pricing on every scope of work while still ensuring high-quality construction.


General Contracting / Lump Sum

Our team can complete commercial and industrial projects of many different sizes and scopes. Our ability to self perform many crucial steps in the construction process provides us the ability to generate extremely competitive pricing in both public and invitational tenders. We have successfully constructed many commercial, industrial, institutional and public works projects by efficiently directing our construction resources to ensure that key benchmarks regarding quality, schedule and budget are met. We have a strong commitment to safety built within the fabric of our organization, throughout our labour force right through to company management, safety is priority #1.


Metal Buildings

Con-Tech has been a Varco-Pruden metal building supplier since 2006. The Varco-Pruden building is one of the premier metal building lines in the world. Varco-Pruden provides a state-of-the-art computer estimating and design system to its builders which allows us to quickly and accurately design and price your project in-house. We design, supply, erect and clad your building with our in-house teams.



Our team has self performed concrete work on our projects since day 1 and are well versed in forming, pouring, place & finish and installing reinforcing steel. Walls, footings, slabs, grade beams, columns, suspended slabs, architectural landscape features. You name it, we’ve probably poured it.


Earthwork & Utilities

The newest part of the Con-Tech team is our Earthworks & Utilities division. Our in house team has completed commercial earthworks, lagoons/retaining ponds, deep excavations, culvert/bridge replacements, shoring systems, gravity sewer, pump stations and pressure pipe.


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