Big Island Lake Community Fire Hall

Big Island Lake Cree Nation Territory, SK

$2.1 Million
Delivery Method:
Big Island Lake Cree Nation (Consultant: CIMA+)

Big Island Lake Cree Nation is located in North West SK, just North of Pierceland and South of Meadow Lake Provincial Park. The goal was to build a new fire hall for the community, as the closest fire hall at the time was is in Pierceland. This project involved construction of a new 3,035 sqft fire hall with ICF walls and a retrofit pre-eng roof structure. Site development was also part of the scope including new approaches, parking area, landscaping and undergrounds. The project was designed originally with open webbed steel joists and a metal deck roof system, but due to lead times and budget constraints we provided an option to utilize a pre-engineered building roof system through our pre-eng partner, Varco Pruden. The main support beam was manufactured locally and the roof system was designed using in house software, which included the purlins, MBI, and standing seam roof. Our team was able to engineer and design all the required connections to the ICF wall while maintaining a seamless building envelope with the retrofit roof system.

Pre-engineered roof system retrofit, ICF exterior walls
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