Subdivision Phase 1

Fond du Lac, SK

$5.3 Million
Delivery Method:
Fond du Lac Denesųiné First Nation. (Consultant: BCL Engineering Ltd.)

This project involved the construction of a subdivision development in the remote community of Fond du Lac, SK for the Fond du Lac Denesųiné First Nation. Construction included installation of approx. 650 lin.m. of 200 mm dia. insulated PVC gravity sewer main, complete with insulated manholes, Construction of approx. 1,450 lin.m. of 200 mm dia. insulated HDPE water main, complete with insulated gate valves, hydrants, and fittings, Construction of approx. 20 lot services, consisting of insulated 100 mm PVC sewer service piping and 20 mm HDPE water service piping, complete with 50 mm insulated jacket and heat tracing, preparation of the project site, 8 hectares of clearing &grubbing, 30,000 m3 of common excavation, 1500 m3 of rock excavation/blasting, supply and installation of culverts and supply/processing/placing of gravel on roads. This project required critical scheduling o transportation into Fond du Lac is limited to air, barge, or winter ice road, each with variable schedules and level of reliability due to seasonal conditions or other influences.

Remote project that included construction of 20 serviced lots for future development, clearing and grubbing the area.
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