Clearwater School Drainage & Road Upgrades

Clearwater River, SK

$4.4 Million
Delivery Method:
Clearwater River Dene Nation (Consultant: AECOM)

The Clear Water River School Drainage and Road Upgrades Project aimed at correcting numerous drainage issues around the exterior of the school. The project involved selective demolition and temporary relocation of various structures such as sidewalks, curbs, asphalt, playground structures, and bollards. Drainage improvements were achieved through the repair and reconstruction of drainage ditches, site grading, and topsoil/seeding. Upgrades to parking lots included subgrade preparation, curb and gutter installation, and asphalt placement. Roadway enhancements involved subgrade preparation, curb and gutter installation, sidewalk construction, asphalt placement, and the installation of CSP culverts. Additionally, the project included foundation and servicing for a greenhouse structure. A successful project overall, Con-Tech was able to address both road infrastructure and drainage needs while ensuring the efficient functioning of the school facilities.

Relocation of playground structures, new curbs and sidewalks, cosntruction new roads, culverts and paving.
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