42,800 sqft (Floor Area)
Private Investor Group

Located Saskatoon’s downtown, this six story building is the result of a four-story vertical addition aimed to revitalize an abandoned site and deteriorating building with a focus on maximizing space and aesthetics within budgetary confines. The addition was largely constrained to the building’s original footprint, apart from a new grade level 940 ft2lobby which interfaces the original bi-level entry. To address the complications presented by interstitial exit landings breaking up the north and south elevations of the existing building, diagonal bands of glazing connect adjacent floor levels through the stairwells and give the building its unique layered, angled façade. This project presented unique challenges from having a contained lay-down area downtown, to investigating the old structure and designing a system that the existing foundations could tolerate. The project was completed as a shell only with the intent of having interior fit-out work competed as units / floors begin to sell.

Four storey addition to an existing building, underground parking, two elevators and main floor lobby, exterior curtain wall construction with unique architectural layout
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