Construction Fasteners

Saskatoon, SK

24,550 sqft, 4,771 sqft mezzanine
Delivery Method:
Mid-West Development (2000) Corp.

This project involved the full design and partial construction of a new sales building and warehouse for Construction Fasteners. The building was a 24,550 sqft pre-engineered structure with a 4,771 sqft steel mezzanine and a pre-cast hollow core concrete floor, which was delivered on time and on budget. The project was conceptualized in 2019 and completed in 2021. The building design, envelope, steel erection, and metal cladding were all completed by employees, and it went on to win the best in class award from Varco-Pruden Buildings' Retail category in 2023.

Pre-cast hollowcore mezzanine, Varco Pruden award winning building
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