Metal Connection Manufacturing Facility

Saskatoon, SK

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Metal Connection

Metal Connection had outgrown their previous location and were looking to move into a larger facility when the approach Con-Tech. Through a collaborative effort, our project team worked with the client to ensure that their new facility had a better workflow for their process which included integration of new and existing equipment. One of the challenges faced was moving into the new building with minimal impact on Metal Connection's operations, while also meeting crucial dates to commission their specialized equipment from third party vendors. One of the most prominent features of the building is a 25-ton overhead crane that is capable of traveling outside of the building, combined with a custom rolling and flap door system to keep the building weathertight. In addition to the 25-ton crane, there was also two new 10-ton cranes, and two existing cranes from their original building transferred over. The building also features a two-story front office area for the operations staff including locker rooms and lunchrooms for both shop and office staff. This project also included integration of an existing cover-all building for additional storage space.

5 different crane systems included one with exterior travel, main and second floor offices, specialized equipment installations
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