Parr Autobody Image Upgrade

Saskatoon, SK

1,200 sqft (wall area)
Delivery Method:
Parr Autobody

This project began when Parr's owner approached Con-Tech for some ideas on how to freshen up the exterior of their building.  Parr Auto Body is one of the top rated auto body shops in the city and they wanted the appearance of their building to reflect that.  Our in-house design team was able to provide several options that would enhance the exterior appearance while remaining budget conscious.  Parr's chosen design provided them with a lot more curb appeal and this project is a great example of what can be done to enhance the appearance of an aging building.  Con-Tech provided exterior design and construction which included new standing seam metal roofing (no exposed fasteners) installed over the existing metal roof, which was all completed with minimal impact on the daily business activity in the busy shop.

Refreshed exterior including new insulation, EIFS, and Stone, new metal roofing over existing
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