Hall Lake Stage 3 Subdivision

Morin Lake I.R. 217, SK

$2.9 Million
Delivery Method:
Lac La Ronge Indian Band (Consultant: AECOM)

The Hall Lake Stage 3 Subdivision Project involved the construction of underground utilities and roadways to accommodate 22 new fully serviced lots. This project was designed to facilitate the expansion of the Hall Lake community by providing essential infrastructure to support the development of 22 new homes. The project included site preparation, clearing, grubbing, and stripping, as well as approximately 10,200 cubic meters of common excavation. The underground piping installation featured 716 meters of sanitary sewer,  35 vertical meters of manholes and 22 building services. Additionally, 408 meters of water mains were installed complete with 2 hydrants, valves, and services to all 22 lots. The roadway development included 10,920 square meters of subgrade preparation, 9,140 square meters of granular structural courses, and the installation of 300 meters of CSP culverts.

Full site preparation, underground utilities, road building, and large rock excavating
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