Southern Irrigation

Saskatoon, SK

9,600 sqft Building with 3,800sqft of sales/office, 5,800sqft warehouse, 3,800 sqft mezzanine
Delivery Method:
Southern Irrigation

Southern Irrigation involved full design services from Con-Tech and features a 3,800 sqft sales and office area on the main floor with a 3,800sqft  precast hollowcore concrete mezzanine above for storage, and a 5,800 sqft storage warehouse. With multiple locations throughout western Canada, the owner wanted to ensure that their new Saskatoon location captured all the likes and eliminated the dislikes of their other locations. Con-Tech worked closely with the client to ensure that their expectations were met. The building exterior features a tinted glass curtain wall and various ribbed and flat panel cladding profiles to give it a unique look. The project also included site development of their outdoor storage compound and access road to their new building location.

Precast hollowcore concrete mezzanine, paved yard storage, tinted curtain wall glass
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