Piapot SPS Repairs and Lagoon Expansion

Piapot First Nation, SK

$10.6 Million
Delivery Method:
Piapot First Nation (Consultant: BCL Engineering Ltd.)

This project was a sewage infrastructure project that encompassed various components. This included the construction of a new core area wet well/dry well sewage pumping station with a complete building, foundation, process piping, pumps, ventilation upgrades, electrical and control systems, and standby generator. Additionally, upgrades were made to the existing Church Village sewage pumping station, involving building expansion, foundation, and mechanical/electrical enhancements. The project also involved constructing a facultative lagoon, consisting of a primary cell, storage cell, compacted clay liner, related structures, evaporation pond, piping, and decommissioning of existing lagoon cells. Various infrastructure upgrades such as sewage force main installations, gravity sewer mains, manholes, and site fencing were executed, alongside the construction of a new sewage lagoon access road. The project entailed decommissioning existing lagoon facilities, installing approximately 4,500 lin. m. of sewage force main, while also providing ingress and egress roads to all work areas.

New sewage pumping station, underground piping, lagoon expansion
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